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Enterprise SMS Messaging Delivery

Reach customers in the most immediate, personal and direct way with SMS messaging.

From secure messaging, one-time pins and missions-critical transactions to marketing notifications and service alerts, intergrate SMS functionality to your business services, websites and mobile applications.

Connect with a single unified API to our carrier-grade platform and connect your business with 7+ billion subscribers of 1000+ mobile operators.

Track URL link conversion in real-time

Drive traffic to your website

Shorten your URL links and provide more content within your SMS messages

Measure your campaign effectiveness

Global Reach

Tap into our global connectivity to 180+ countries.

Real Time Delivery

From sending messages to delivery reporting, our platforms provide real-time information during the whole process of messaging.

Optimized Delivery

Our state of the art routing engine constantly optimizes delivery speed, cost and delivery rate of messages.


Easy Integration. RESTful. Scalable. Asynchronous.

Dynamic Routing

Our systems detect traffic routing irregularities and correct them automatically, based on your requirements.

High Speed

Forget delays. Our carrier-grade networks support tens of thousands of concurrent SMS.

Real-time Analytics

We provide you with live, detailed information and valuable insights about your messaging effectiveness.

24/7/365 Support & Monitoring

Our customer service is available 24/7/365, providing expertise and help to you.

Geo-redundant and Scalable Platform

A strategic global network, specifically designed for speed, efficiency and high availability, our carrier-grade infrastructure ensures on time delivery, optimal performance and high delivery rates


Designed, developed and managed with security and privacy in mind, using cutting-edge technologies and best practices.


We help you stay compliant with international laws (GDPR, PSD2 etc.), country regulations and operator rules.

SLA Available

We offer unrivalled quality with strict Service Level Agreements.

Multiple Connectivity

Connect with our simple and easy-to-use web panel, implement our developer API or use SMPP.

Language Support

Our systems support all languages. GSM ASCII / Unicode / Single Shift Character Sets.

Customisable Sender

Customized senders for your SMS. Put brand, product, mobile app, customer service phone number or anything you like.

Automatic Long Messages

Send long SMS easily. Our platforms will take care of concatenation for you.

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule multiple campaigns for future delivery.

Expiration Control

Control your traffic with our failsafe mechanism and make sure no message is delivered at the wrong time.

No Setup & Monthly Fees

You pay only for SMS messages sent.

Pay As You Go

With no minimum limit, you can increase and decrease your traffic as you see fit.



Mobile Operators



Billion Mobile Subscribers



Business Clients



SMS Interactions Per Second

Example Uses


Notify your customers without internet, anytime and anywhere. Enchance customer loyalty and customer experience.


Interact with your customers. Expand your CRM communications.

Authentication & Security

Add additional security to simple username and password authentication, authenticated transactions. Accurately verify users and reduce fraud.

Transaction Alerts

Deliver meaningful alerts to your customers.

Marketing Surveys

Launch surveys and gather strategic marketing information.

Additional Value

Create additional value for your services.


  • Reach +7 Billion subscribers
  • The most personal channel

    SMS is direct and immediate.

  • 98% Open Rate

    SMS has a greater open rate than any other traditional alternative.

  • 70% Response Rate

    6 to 8 higher engagement rates than email. 45% click through rate of URLs. Mobile SMS offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than any other type of offer.

  • 90% of SMS is read in 3 minutes.
  • No internet required

    SMS requires no data.

  • Stays there

    SMS is stored in user’s mobile whether they engage with the message now or later.

  • Based on sustainable technologies
  • 100% Compatible

    All mobile phones support SMS (smartphones, multimedia and feature phones).

  • Cheap

    SMS is cost effective.

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